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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shayna's 19th Birthday Party

Shayna wanted to have her birthday dinner and movie before her actual birthday so I was surprised when she called requesting that we have cake and icecream with Papa and Uncle Dave and DeeDee. I called everyone this afternoon and they were all very happy to have an impromptu party at DeeDee's house this evening. Shayna told me previously that she wanted the famous homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, so that was already prepared. We picked up Butterfinger flavored ice cream and vanilla (for Papa) on the way to the party. We had lots of fun and everyone loved the cake. She had plans to have a party at her house with friends when she got home.

The House Will Be Moved Tomorrow!

The house was scheduled to be moved Thursday. It has been moved up to tomorrow. I have not taken everything from the house yet. I thought I was going to have to make many trips with my boys in my car tonight. Instead Dad will meet me there at 8am with Judy and her Durango. I will fill that and we should be done, I hope. We are excited to watch them tear it down and move it.

Email Regarding Care Packages For Ronald

I received an email from my oldest son today. He is in the US Navy and out to sea for 8 months. He is ready to receive care packages. I sent the following email to my friends and family:

Hi everyone!I am sure you remember that Ronald is in the US Navy. He is currently out to sea for 8 months or more. This is his first long tour. The others have been under 3 months.

Today he sent an email confirming that he would welcome a care package from anyone who feels like they would want to send one. He said it may take a couple of months for the package to reach him. (The last package I sent to the FPO address took over a month to get to him...and he was still on land.) He also said that he is not in a safe area and is not able to get to port often to purchase personal items for himself.

Here is his suggested list of items, but do not feel limited to these, just remember not to send anything perishable. He said that if his younger brothers (ages 10 and 12) would like it, then he will most likely like it also.

Instant oatmeal... (fruit and cream, maple brown sugar, apples cinnamon, etc.)Drink packets... (Apple cider, koolaid, ready to drink type...)Fruit snacks... (Gushers, fruit roll up, gummies...)Stuff that lasts like that... cause it may be in a box for a month or two before I get it...

Before he left he also said that during this mission he will eventually need things like plain white undershirts (size medium), plain white boxers (size medium), plain black and plain white athletic socks, razors, toothbrushes, deoderant, shampoo, soap, etc.

He will appreciate encouraging emails and letters too.

You may send packages and letters to:

FPO AE 09578-1292 (all 9 digits!)

Thanks for your support.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

It’s Moving Day!

A lot has happened since my last post. Today the movers are coming to move our stuff into storage. Actually the “movers” are strong men and a friend with trailers. My boys and I have been transporting boxes (via a friend’s larger vehicle – thanks Judy!) and I have realized that my body is just not as hearty as it used to be. I asked my dad to make arrangements so that I did not have to move the furniture too. He was so thankful that I did all the packing that he was happy to arrange that.

My dad purchased a wooded piece of land from a friend with the intent of moving out home there. He had the land cleared and a put in a foundation. Our new neighbors tease us because we didn’t put in a basement. We didn’t want one because we don’t need more living space and we don’t keep a lot of things that we don’t use or have space for.

Thursday the house will be moved onto the foundation. After that they will remove the roof and put on another with a steeper pitch to meet the local building codes. Then the well and septic system will be installed and we will be able to move back in.

While all this is happening my dad will be staying with my younger brother and his family. My sons, dogs and I will stay with my older brother and his wife. They are on vacation until the beginning of the month so we will be “home alone” at their place for a week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Boys Went To the Local Tractor Show

Pa asked “B” if he would like to drive his antique fire truck to the local tractor show and spend the day talking with visitors about the truck and things. Later Darren called to invite “Z” to go hang out at the tractor show with him and possibly visit a carnival/fair in another town.

We went to the farm around noon. The children picked green apples and fed them to the horse Penelope while we waited for Pa to arrive. Darren picked them up instead.

It is interesting to notice how much Penelope has calmed down. She used to be so wild! She would run up to me, or anyone, and come to a screeching halt causing a near collision. She was just playing around but it was quite startling. I used to tease that she was part dog because she would pick up large fallen branches and run around shaking them like a dog does. She also spent a lot of time chasing the sheep and bumping into them. I assume she wanted to play.

Unfortunately the truck needed a part to run properly and he could not get it ready in time so Pa and “B” went to the show anyhow and looked at all the neat things and ate the fun foods. “B” bought a bike, which is too small but will get him by until he can get something else. They could not play in the streets of the neighborhood we are in now so they left their bikes at their father’s home. Now that we are moving they are able to ride again.

Darren took “Z” to the tractor show and the other fair. At the other fair they rode the Hurricane, the Zipper and several other rides. This is the first time “Z” was able to ride the adult carnival rides. He liked the big boat best. They rode it several times. He hated the Zipper. He was too small and was thrown around inside the cage. Darren had to attempt to hold himself and simultaneously hold “Z”. Darren said he was too big for the ride and was not stuffed all the way into the cage when the guy slammed the door shut on his head, poor guys. They reported that everything else was great.