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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our Adorable Library Due Date Card Graphic Shoes©

A customer recently wrote wondering why we had not updated our blog in such a long time. It is pretty simple. We forgot! Somehow, we completely forgot that we had a blog to share all the fun and crazy thing that go on in our shop. That is just silly, isn't it? Well, it is on our list of things to do more often so feel free to follow us on Twitter, facebook, or by email to get notifications when we post something new. 

A lot has happened since the last time we shared, but I am not going to tell you about it all right now. I will tell you that we have been very busy creating neat items for our customers and enjoying life with our amazing children. 

I shared a picture of our Library Due Date Card Graphic Shoes because they are my favorite item in our shop to create, and because they are so darn cute! I love the tiny lines and little letters! 

The most fun I had making this style was when I customized a pair with an author, title, date due "stamp" and the "signature" of the borrower. They were the most adorable thing we have ever made! I wish I had taken a picture to share with you. 

Well, it is time to prepare dinner for my always hungry boys! Come back soon to learn what new things we are up to at Shop Just Wish.


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