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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Librarian's Check Out Card Apron

Once upon a time...

a very sweet librarian asked us 
if we could create a specific item for her.

In her younger years, 
this sweet librarian was a waitress...

Now that she is a librarian,
she needs something special...

Something to conveniently and fashionably store her 
personal items  (like her phone, pencil, paper, etc.) 
while working at the library.

This sweet librarian 
thought back on her waitressing days
and how convenient her half apron was for holding her stuff.

She imagined that a waitress style half apron
adorned with our 
Library Due Date Card Graphic
would be the perfect solution 
to keep her personal items handy
(like her phone, pencil, paper, etc.) 
 while being a librarian at the library.

We agree!

Her concept is genius!
the end result is 
(adorable + dorky = adork-able)

The Library Due Date Card Half Apron 
will soon be a NEW item in our shop!

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