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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bookish Halloween Costume Idea @ShopJustWish - Notebook Paper and Pink Eraser

I had too much fun with Photshop on Monday,
creating costume ideas with our shop items.
Now that I see how cute the
Pink Eraser Pillow is
I want to add them to our shop. 
I could only see them in my mind before Monday!

To recreate this costume, wear our Notebook Paper Clothing
(shirt, socks, shoes, trick or treat bags and more!)
and carry a GIANT Pink Eraser Pillow.

To make the Pink Eraser Pillow, 
write "Pink Eraser"
with a black Sharpie
on a pink pillowcase.

PLEASE send us your pics! 
This will be such an adorable costume!

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