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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Fun With Goofy Prescription T-shirts

We are having a little fun this weekend 
with silly prescriptions. 

Our favorite gag prescription is for More Cowbell!

How can we forget the SNL skit featuring 
Christopher Walken as music producer "The Bruce Dickinson" 
and Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkle on cowbell 
recording "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult?

This fun prescription captures the moment when 
Christpher Walken exclaims, 
"Guess what? 
I got a fever, 
and the only prescription is 
more cowbell!"

Name: Bruce Dickinson
Rx: More Cowbell as needed for fever
Dr: Christopher Walken, M.D.

Dr. Phielgeud has prescribed Chill Pills just in time 
to help Justin Thyme relax this weekend. 

Name: Justin Thyme (just in time)
Rx: Chill Pills 10mg Tabs,
Generic: Relaxatocin
Dr.: Dr. Phielgeud (dr. feel good)

Anita Jobbe REALLY likes to shop on the weekend. 
It is a good thing Dr. Owen Munney has prescribed 
Shopsalot before she could buy it all! 

Name: Annita Jobbe (i need a job)
Rx: Shopsalot 10mg Tabs
Generic: Buyitall
Dr: Dr. Owen Munney (dr. owing money)

For the folks feeling a little old today, we have Dee Kaye getting 
Over the Hill Pills from Dr. Canby Algoode. 
Hopefully he is feeling more youthful soon!

Name: Dee Kaye (decay)
Rx: Over The Hill 10mg Tabs
Generic: Youthfulcilling
Dr: Dr. Canby Algoode (dr. can be all good)

These shirts make fun Halloween costumes...

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