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Friday, January 19, 2018

Jeff's *Update For Today"

*Update For Today*
I woke up. I am alive. I have clothes to wear. I have running water and food to eat. My house isn't fancy, but the mortgage has my name on it. I am safe. The heat is working.
I am surrounded by a beautiful, loving family and an amazing army of friends who have become family and we treat each other as such.
I have been blessed with another day to make the most of and be grateful for all these things - or to waste and whine and complain about the unrealistic expectations of perfection that absolutely NO ONE has.
It really is this simple for me today.
My pain level is manageable and I have the medications I need, along with a world-class team of doctors who do incredible, astounding things every day of their lives.
This morning, with Heavenly Father's blessing and their amazing skill, I awoke to live and enjoy another day on this beautiful, imperfect planet.
This is my day. I will do with it as I please. I have been given that agency to choose and I am just so glad to have SO MANY CHOICES.
Surviving the hell of the past month was not my choice, but it has right now - at this exact instant - given me the ability to so appreciate just how blessed and lucky I am this morning.
Only when you have been in the darkest valley can you appreciate the majesty of the highest mountain top.
I am not consumed or engulfed in the burning agony of pain today. I don't know why or how I survived the crazy events of the last 30 days but I do know how and who to thank and I will do so.
I will rise from those ashes and continue to fight with all and who I am for the rest of this day. And I will be grateful for the chance.
My friends, know that whatever your struggle today, I am there with you in my heart and spirit and I will never, EVER forget your kindness, understanding and compassion.
You are the fabric of healing that has wrapped around my aching, hurting body and nurses me back to health. Your tender mercy and attention has been the game changer in my struggles. Know this. Never forget what you have accomplished in our family's lives.
It's that big and that spectacular.
Now I will seize this day and do whatever it is I am supposed to do, and I will not complain or bitch or whine.
I am grateful and happy to be alive! Thank you, all of you, and may Heavenly Father bless your day with unexpected gifts of joy and goodness.
Savor every moment, all of it. You deserve these things. I love you all. ❤️ --Jeff

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