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Shop Just Wish * iconic fashion design* We specialize in nostalgic old school comfort and style. Let your geek flag fly with our unique, customizable designs. Join us on our journey of exploring bookish, including themes relating to vintage, books, science, school, art, music, and more. Check out our shop to discover which designs inspire you! -Kathryn and Jennifer

 WHO WE ARE:Kathryn and Jennifer
We are a couple of joyful, spirited, independent sisters making the world a better place one t-shirt at a time with our bookish, inspirational, and occasionally sassy designs. 

We hope to create a space that:
*Inspires living your best life
*Encourages you to embrace, love, and BE your authentic self,
*Fosters community in which we all uplift and join others in their journey of self discovery, acceptance and love,
*Facilitates finding and living your joy,
*Creates items that allow you to spread that same love, acceptance, and joy every time you wear or use one of our unique, customizable items.

Shop Just Wish opened in 2013 with our most popular item, our classic Notebook Paper Graphic T-shirt. We added our vintage style Library Due Date Card Graphic Tee and quickly became a resource for fun and unique teacher gifts, back to school fashion, librarian gifts and gear for book lovers everywhere. As sales increased, we continued to expand our product line. 
When we learned that Jeff, the love of my life,  husband and co-owner, was terminal we eliminated everything but the essentials, including shop duties like marketing and expansion activities. We allowed the shop to run itself and were amazed that our shop maintained itself. You all are amazing! You kept purchasing and checking in on us and our shop continued in spite of Jeff’s illness. We are so very grateful for your loyalty, support and patience. During this time we did nothing more than fill orders as they came and you all kept us going.

After Jeff passed on, I took a long and much needed hiatus and continued to be very hands off with our shop, allowing it to continue running itself. I was not even sure if I wanted to keep our shop open without the love of my life and best friend working by my side. It was heartbreaking to do it alone.

Time has passed. My heart is healing. I am very excited to share that I do want to continue on this path, carry on what Jeff and I started, and get back to creating and growing our shop!

After much prayer, time, and discussion with supportive family and friends, it became clear that a new partner would be essential if I were to return to Shop Just Wish. 

My sister, Jennifer, has joined the team and is my new Shop Just Wish partner! Jennifer, is brilliant, beautiful, and an all around amazing human. She is the yin to my yang and is a breath of fresh air. She has great ideas and I have a feeling that things may get a lot more groovy around here with this amazing lady on the job! 

As always, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns and we’ll respond directly to you. Thank you for your continued patronage and understanding, and we look forward to many more years of providing the best possible products to enhance your lives. Shalom, and may God bless you on your own journeys always.

Kathryn and Jennifer


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