Back to school season is a big deal around here! This is the first time we are offering a limited edition design and are pretty excited about it! 

This graphic is not what you usually see around here, but we are loving it! 

It is messy and real and....a lot like real life....a lot like us. 

This design is inspired by and dedicated to my daughter. 

She loved her summer spent with her twin boys, but is also excited that they will be back in school soon. 

She suggested we offer an "I survived the summer of 2019" to celebrate all the fun and messes parents share with their children durng summer vacation. 

This is our favorite version of her concept. 

What do you think?


P.S. This graphic is available in our shop for a limited time. Stop in and get yours before it is gone.

I survived Summer Break 2019 - Limited Edition T-shirt